Who We Are


TODOS OS SANTOS is a hospitality family group founded by the 3 Yamasakis: Naina, Pedro and Sara. Todos os Santos was a small idea that organically grew after the birth of their first restaurant Santo Brúklin, at the beginning of the pandemic year of 2020.

Their passion for the NYC dining scene and the joy they obtain by offering sincere & genuine hospitality, added to the vast customer service experience the three of them accumulated over the past decade, naturally led them their second child – Santo Parque.


To become a successful reference on national level by excelling in the art of hosting, dining and consulting in the North American hospitality industry.


To build strong and sincere relationships with all guests, clients, community, competitors and stakeholders where all sides are more than merely satisfied, but always looking forward to more joyful and fruitful exchanges with TODOS OS SANTOS.


We are bringing basics back! Treat others like you would like to be treated. This is the core of all our relationships: guests, clients, and team members alike. Keep this way of thinking while focusing on customer experience, cost effectiveness, and business growth. The solid foundation of TODOS OS SANTOS, is based on RESPECT, TEAMWORK, and CREATIVITY. The rest is pure FUN.


Pedro Yamasaki

COO & Beverage Director

Operational Manager with 12+ years of leadership experience. Has a bachelor degree in Social Communications, with additional degrees in Psychology and Crisis Management.

Transplant from Rio de Janeiro to New York, Pedro worked simultaneously as COO of several brands/venues in Brooklyn & Manhattan, generating 16+ million dollars of gross revenue yearly. He was also the operator behind the most popular brunch restaurant & lounge in Brooklyn, seating over three thousand covers per weekend. 

Proficient in market tendencies and the visionary behind company operations, his focus is creating successful and sustainable businesses.

Amidst the 2020 Pandemic, Pedro and his family opened Santo Brúklin – a Brazilian inspired restaurant & bar – in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. With a unique perspective when it comes to adapting Brazilian flavors to fill the gaps in the NYC culinary scene, Santo Brúklin grew very quickly, becoming an iconic NYC Restaurant, despite the global economic crisis. The restaurant got featured in The New York Times, ABC7, Yelp Top 100 in USA, Eater and much more.


Sara Yamasaki

CCO, Business Relations & HR

Versatile service industry professional with 10+ years in food & retail management. Since beginning her career in customer service at 15 years old; Sara has worked in a variety of roles - from bussing tables to hosting job fairs to bartending; she has played nearly every client-facing position in restaurants & retail.

While working at Sephora for the better part of a decade, she helped with the build out of new store locations, ranging from $6million to $40million in annual revenue. She fell in love with this detail-oriented (some would say tedious) job. Her commitment to process & policy helped ensure a smooth opening and continued financial & operational success of multiple locations across the country.

2020 had a major impact on our industry - and many of the laws concerning it. Through this, Sara become an outstanding Compliance Officer. She managed to keep up with rapidly changing guidelines to make sure that our employees and customers continue to enjoy their experience in our restaurants- while all health and legal protocols are being followed to the tee.

Her obsession with detail and planning also make her an expert trip-planner and a master at curating music playlists.


Naina Yamasaki

Service Director & Private Events

School was interesting, but on the floor of restaurants in NYC is where Naina truly felt alive. After a decade of diving in the NYC restaurant industry, and operating high standards of service in luxurious Middle Eastern airlines, she returns to Brooklyn- bringing in her suitcase all the wonderful experiences she found in the most unexpected corners of the world; from 7-Star hotels in Dubai, to sexy underground cocktail bars in Shanghai and dirty street food stalls in Bangkok.  

Leading by example, Naina is in charge of the Front of The House as a Service Director. She oversees all training and further education programs to guarantee that all our employees are rock stars on the floor.

When opening Santo Brúklin during the year of a global shutdown and social distancing, Naina and her team were able to create a feeling of togetherness with every person that interacted with the restaurant. Santo Brúklin quickly turned new customers into a loyal clientele, thanks to the authentic and genuine approach Naina ensured in every communication touchpoint of our service delivery.

Looking for an exclusive private event experience - you just found the right person. Naina creates the most unique experiences and memories for her customers.